Welcome to the Disease Exposé Laboratory (PI: Prof. Dokyoung Kim). We are located in the College of Medicine at Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

【Research Interest】

Innovating Chemical Tools Design for Disease Diagnosis, Bio-imaging, and Therapy

   - Fluorescent Probes

   - CT/MRI Imaging Agents

   - In-vitro Diagnostic Kits

   - Drug Delivery Systems

   - PDT/PTT

Innovating Novel Organic & Nano-Hybrid System for Bio-medical Applications

   - Small Organic Molecules

   - Porous Silicon Nano-/Micro-particles

   - Bio-Polymers

   - Protein Aggregates

   - Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials

Innovating New Drug Pipelines

   - Cancers

   - Multi-drug Resistant Bacterias

   - Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Jan 2021. 강상림 박사님의 질병관리청 임용을 축하드립니다!
May 2021. 안종민 학생의 ACS Sensors (IF 7.333, JCR 2%) 논문 accept를 축하합니다!
Jun 2021. 강래형 학생의 ACS AMI (IF 8.758, JCR 10%) 논문 accept를 축하합니다!