Welcome to the Laboratory of Innovative Medical Materials (PI: Prof. Dokyoung Kim). We are located in the College of Medicine at Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

【Research Interest】

Innovating Chemical Tools Design for Disease Diagnosis, Bio-imaging, and Therapy
   - Fluorescent Probes
   - CT/MRI Imaging Agents
   - In-vitro Diagnostic Kits
   - Drug Delivery Systems
   - PDT/PTT

Innovating Novel Organic & Nano-Hybrid System for Bio-medical Applications
   - Small Organic Molecules
   - Porous Silicon Nano-/Micro-particles
   - Bio-Polymers
   - Protein Aggregates
   - Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials

Innovating New Drug Pipelines
   - Cancers
   - Multi-drug Resistant Bacterias
   - Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Jan 2021. 강상림 박사님의 질병관리청 임용을 축하드립니다!
May 2021. 안종민 학생의 ACS Sensors (IF 7.333) 논문 accept를 축하합니다!
Jun 2021. 강래형 학생의 ACS AMI (IF 9.229) 논문 accept를 축하합니다!
Aug 2021. 오지현 학생의 Nanoscale (IF 7.790) 논문 accept를 축하합니다!


Aug 2021. 강래형 학생의 박사 졸업을 축하합니다!